(Note: the below text is taken from lazerbot’s Facebook page)

hey guys i know Ive been slow on my uploading process so i decided to get my act together, I’m taking the rest of the year off so i can work on my act i know, i know, a whole year is a long time but i have to properly work on my so called act and the only way to do that is to step up on the not stepping up on my act

oh also, i know how much it must be difficult for some of you to handle the long delayed update and i hope that you can bare with me while i take a year long break while i continue to work on myself and try to see things like you guys do :) oh you have opened my eyes to a whole new world filled with much needed sarcasm and pure support of my work in the form of complaining like little children, makes me feel young again damn it! i love the spirit you guys have, but probably not the zits that do lie upon each and every ass that you guys have, none the less it was fun and i hope you guys enjoy the constant slander of your foundation until that very day, yes that very day! you all decide to expand the precious mind to see things in a more correct sense, slander that you truly are gifted as it is your fate as human beings, oh wait i suppose that i spoke to soon because i need to take my own advice and give people special rights correct? does this mean i can not point out the complete broken way you all see life? or will you give yourself special rights too? :) does this mean that i can give myself these special rights too? hehe

my bad for judging you all like food and giving special treatment to the ones who deserve it, as if you were to taste a good meal, you seem to treat it better do you not? but would it taste the same to you if you choose to believe its the same as something you already have eaten? but you judge it before knowing the true flavor. as people gaze upon one site or another, they always seem to miss what is truly on the picture, something much greater then they can see but instead you choose to put  new stuff in its place instead of whats there, using there imaginations to take play in this screenshot instead of its original picture. or shall we all like most of you attack or ridicule everything that passes ones path? or is everything just inferior to your judgement? shall you judge all trains the same as the first one that crosses the tracks? as for example shall you put one person such as myself in the same category as many others, such as chrischan or maybe, lets see someone from those animes. its always something that is some how related to my comic or how it is similar or even have a short resemblance to other peoples works, though they are different. or does anything with things or characters from other shows i didn’t make, have to be the same as any other fanfic as you would call it? or shall we gouge each others eyes out over a thing we dislike to the creator who would care less how you felt about one subject you seem to favor over other subjects. or shall i become a hypocrite as well and start treating everything with special rights over the thousands of messed up things that you all mock? shall i mock with you because you do it to breathe? you breathe yet you can’t live with out a useless hobby of giving your empty opinion on everything you find, even to the creators who has there own passions for there creations. must you try and destroy all dreams? or merely change it if you like it more then the last huh? shall you suffocate yourselves more with delusional power and control over ones dreams.

what do you win? what do you gain for such actions? you will simply find the next thing to continue the loop, can you build something up so high and then see yourself as superior after attempting to crash it all back down? you notice the word ”attempt?” yeah i very much enjoy that word for many reasons, how do you define it? simply by looking at all of you is how i define the word, because this may come to a shock to all of you but.. the control you believe you have will only work towards people who aren’t smart enough to see through it hehe, did you actually put it in your head that i care about the constant slander? as if i haven’t heard it all before, do you think it gets under my skin to reply to such behavior? perhaps i enjoy the entertainment of learning how your system works, how all of you work, you see i am not bound by typical human response so there for you will never truly phase me :) i explained this and you still can’t see it lol see what i believe what you all deserve is irrelevant, and my personal views towards anything is also irrelevant because i only adapt to whatever i need to, i don’t try to change it, i only judge if i have to because i understand what it is to be misjudged and misunderstood, do you think i still feel anything related to this? i have lost that innocent trait long ago and i am no longer controlled by such small minded methods, i respect only what truly deserves it, and though you have created a lot for the sake of my work, and i do feel gratitude for that.. but do not get that confused with me owing you anything other then the very pages of TGT that i update to you, the very comic that never was in your grasp, never was in your league of perspective, this i am aware of yes and if you choose to get lost and dream into it then it will be whatever you want it to be, from your own eyes, you see you never had any kind of control over anything :) it will be what it was meant to be and will be regardless of how you see it lol i truly don’t know how to slap the sense into you any harder then that but you have to understand that you need and should get over yourselves, you are nothing more then minions that the highest bidder pays and bends to their will, you will never be anything more until you wish to see things from the way life was meant to be seen, forgive me for putting some form of hope in knowing that the world still had free people who controls their own thoughts and emotions, but then i realized that the world was never like that and that humans were always meant to walk in a straight line as it’s master wished, completely pathetic and the day that i become like you is the same day i no longer respect myself enough to live like a puppet, also will be the very day i choose to die

so continue to breathe wasting every breath walking blindly believing in your masters commands. puppets, and i shall continue my work and when its said and done you will continue to loop while some like me, move forward across the tracks. this post was not made out of ego but facts, facts that your actions have proved all the more with each empty word you continue typing with out the slightest thought of what they actually mean.. what a shame

mm does one have to pry ones eyes open? do you need everything handed to you like a baby? what if you were a cat clawing away for food and what if you bit the hand that fed you? do you not expect karma to come back tenfold? ohh that is right, trolls don’t believe in karma do they? heh so what if perhaps the owner of the cat decided to give the cat what it deserves for biting the hand? perhaps the cat is not fed for days after? is it not a good way to teach it’s small minded pets? complain and then gain something to actually complain about in return? what if it came true? what if you were all the cats and you are all starving for food :O oh no not starving are you? “Please!! please give me food” they say hehe but we don’t feed them do we? even buy a completely new brand of cat food huh? i hope you liked the pink and rainbow cat food ;) i know how you hate for things to change, would be a shame if something were to happen to the only home you ever known, the wall that keeps you from seeing reality, what seems to be the problem hmm? are you afraid? do you actually think that your little rabbit hole can’t be burned, everything inside will be nothing more then a wasteland of dust from your rotting corpses, it will happen yes and perhaps not by my own hand but i have faith that the home you are so very afraid of losing will crash down harder then any dream you have crushed over the years, you have sold your soul to the fate of death and despair, you will know true pain as it was intended, you were born to live just to be an ant before the tide raise taking all of you back to where you came from, back to my world, no longer able to blind your eyes with lies, no longer able to hide in fear from seeing the world the way that it actually is, you will open your eyes and gain something you never had before, freedom, freedom in death ;) death is your heaven and i have the throne to watch as you taste the last moments you spend in denial, the flavors that built your graves before you even existed, predetermined before your first breath, poor poor little kitties ;) did you lose your home? did they take you in? did they promise you gold? you do everything they tell you to don’t you? bleed for it, drain it all into the ocean of truth, bleed for me, do not shed a tear when you do just that, you will then contradict your very meaning, to cry from the pain that you caused others haha.. hypocrites.. nothing more then hypocrites designed to become this worlds livestock, and believe me.. you will very much die like one too one day :) i am happy inside just knowing that fact.. and i will sleep with the most beautiful smile on my face..